About Weirdo


William Egypt Brown, the mastermind behind the innovative brand "Weirdo," is a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where his creative journey began. Despite facing the challenges of growing up in humble circumstances, William's indomitable spirit and artistic prowess shone brightly from a young age. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant streets of Philly, William embarked on a mission to spread positivity and upliftment through his art. Travelling through the city, he used his talent to inscribe uplifting messages on various materials, a gesture that resonated deeply with viewers and left a lasting impact on the community. With a natural flair for design, William started crafting clothing at the tender age of 12, infusing his creations with the same spirit of positivity and individuality that defined his earlier works. His unique approach to fashion, characterized by bold colors and unconventional styles, quickly caught the attention of the local scene, sparking a wave of appreciation for his distinctive aesthetic. Unfazed by societal norms and trends, William proudly wore his own creations, embracing his status as a "weirdo" with pride. This unapologetic commitment to originality and self-expression culminated in the founding of "Weirdo" in 2009, a brand dedicated to celebrating the creativity and uniqueness of individuals like himself. Since its inception, William has steered "Weirdo" towards new heights, creating a diverse range of clothing and accessories that seamlessly blend classic luxury with urban city culture fashion artistry. His unwavering focus on quality and innovation has garnered a loyal following, with customers eagerly seeking out his distinctive pieces that exude a sense of artistic flair and authenticity. With a vision to establish "Weirdo" as a global leader in luxury city cultural fashion, William Egypt Brown continues to push boundaries and challenge conventions, setting the stage for a new era of creativity and self-expression in the world of high fashion.